VAF 2022 Conference Papers & Posters

All presentations are 20 minutes unless otherwise noted. Order of papers is subject to change at the discretion of the Papers Chair.

8:15 - 9:45 am – Paper Session One 

1.1 Landscapes of Texas

Session Chair: Kathryn O’Rourke, Trinity University

Claudia Guerra – City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation – “The Intangible in the Tangible: Values Based Survey and Treatment”

Marie Saldaña – University of Tennessee – “In search of 18th century town and ranch life in South Texas”

Deborah Kanter – Albion College – “Building Mexican Catholic Respectability in Texas 1902-30”

1.2  Layers of Meaning in Recreation Landscapes

Session Chair: Matt Lasner, Hunter College

Mary Fesak – University of Delaware – “Making Racehorses: Thoroughbred Training Barns and the Architecture of Equine Resistance”

C. Ian Stevenson – Independent Scholar – “Rockville, South Carolina’s Confederate Vacation Home: A Case Study of Vernacular Architecture

Jacob Torkelson – University of Pennsylvania – “Within Putting Distance: Golf, Segregation, and Competing Preservation Ideologies at Yorktown Battlefield, Virginia”


1.3  Landscapes of Erasure

Session Chair: Valentina Rozas Krause, University of Michigan

Sharóne Tomer – Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design – “Hidden Histories: Appalachian African-American Spaces”

Tim Davis – Historic Structures & Cultural Landscapes Program, National Park Service – “Exploring the Roots of California’s John Muir Trail”

Evan Pavka – Wayne State University – “Paupers, Fruit Jars and Gay Graves: Out of the Closet and into the Cemetery”

10:15 am - 12:15 pm  Paper Session Two

2.1  Decolonial and Reparative Methods

Session Chair: Arijit Sen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Aime Edwards – University of Florida, School of Architecture – “Asante Palace Architecture: Paradigm Shift from Colonial Historiography to a Multi-disciplinary Methodology from an African Perspective”

William Littmann – California College of the Arts –  “Road Scholar: Lessons Learned from a Bicycle Trip across the United States”

Discussants: Jim Buckley, University of Oregon and Willa Granger, Harvard University

2.2  Geographies of Health and Wellbeing

Session Chair: Abigail Van Slyck, Connecticut College

Jessica Fletcher – CUNY Graduate Center – “Health Under the “El”: the Bellevue Yorkville Health Center on New York’s East Side, 1926- 1938”

Dustin Valen – McGill University – “Mosquito Wars: Tropical Fears, Fumigants, and the American Home”

Anthony R. C. Hita – Architectural Conservator, – “How the West was Watered: Frontier Engineering and the Water System of Fort Union’s Third Fort (1869-1891)”


2.3  Sites of Rural Resilience

Session Chair:  Lydia Mattice Brandt, University of South Carolina

Rebeccah Ballo and John Liebertz – Montgomery County Historic Preservation Office – “Down White Ground Road: The Cultural Landscape of African American Education in Rural Montgomery County, MD”

Gorham Bird – Auburn University – “Digital Documentation to Realize Rosenwald Schools”

Asha Kutty and Monica Davis (presenting) – University of North Carolina, Greensboro – “The African American Front Porch: Exploring History, Meaning and Agency in Wilson North Carolina”

Nicholas Vann – Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation “Forgotten Stories: Chinese-American Exclusion and Built Legacy in Small Town America”

2.4  Technology, Power, and Social Change

Session Chair: Kristina Borrman, Washington State University

Ernesto Bilbao – Auburn University – “Airplanes and Roses in the Andes: Aviation and the Emergence of Greenhouse Landscapes around Quito, Ecuador, 1960-2013”

Shaheen Alikhan – University of Virginia – “Building A Slave Ship: Planning A Floating Prison”

Anne Steinert – University of Cincinnati – “Vernacular Architecture in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine: The Two Homes of Carl Fettweis as Evidence of Rapid Urban Change 1864-1880”

Vyta Pivo – University of Michigan – “Cement and Cotton: A Dual History of Industrialization”


1:00 - 2:00 pm – Poster authors will be present to discuss their work 

Room 1 

Alex Borger - Cultural Resource Specialist, Mead & Hunt - "Everything’s Bigger: Evaluating a Texas Corporate Agricultural Landscape with Geospatial Sources" 

Sara Patrick - Student, Master of Arts, University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture - Finding Significance in Ordinary Architecture: Historic Preservation in the City of Enchantment

Room 2 

Tessa Honeycutt - Architectural Technician, James Madison’s Montpelier -  Using 3D Software to Create an Interactive Digital Archive of Architectural Records at James Madison’s Montpelier 

Catherine Cyr - Student, Master of Arts, Winterthur Program in American Material Culture - Heading Up to Camp: An Exploration of the Vernacular Architecture and History of Maine’s Lakeside Camps

Room 3

Amanda Clark - Dean, Library & Special Services, Whitworth University - Lintels and Linotype: Industrial Printshops and the Buildings the Housed Them

Cindy Falk - Professor of Material Culture, Cooperstown Graduate Program, State University of New York College at Oneonta - African American Travel in Mid Twentieth-Century New York State

Megan Reed - Cultural Heritage Preservationist, National Park Service (NPS) - Vanishing Structures: Documenting Slave Cabins and Tenant Farming Houses

3:00-5:00 pm  Paper Session Three 

3.1  Heritage Practices Across Continents

Session Chair: Paula Lupkin, University of North Texas

Laurent Généreux – Marie-Josée Deschênes architecte  – Learning from the Missions: The Spanish Colonial Vernacular Architecture of the Indigenous Quarters at Mission San Francisco de la Espada in San Antonio, Texas

Pedro Namorado Borges – University Institute of Lisbon (Iscte-IUL); Visiting scholar at UC Berkeley Institute of European Studies 

“Lead us not in migration: Improved Vernacular Architecture in Portugal Villages 1958-75”

Brannon Smithwick – University of Southern California – The Flooded Kampungs of Jakarta: Community Resilience and the Threat of Eviction


3.2  Spaces of Civic Associationism

Session Chair: Anna Nau, PhD, Ford, Powell & Carson Architects

Jessica Larson – CUNY Graduate Center – “Black and White Charity in the Tenderloin: Comparative Architectural Approaches to Benevolence, 1870-1910”

Charlette M. Caldwell – Columbia University – “Documenting the Architectural History of the African Methodist Episcopal Church: A Case Study”

Kevin Block – Thomas Jefferson University, College of Architecture and the Built Environment – “While We Live, Let us Live! Secularity and the Spatial Origins of Philadelphia’s Pyramid Club”

3.3  Rethinking Authorship

Session Chair: Charles Davis, University of Buffalo

Tara Dudley – University of Texas at Austin – “Masonic Rights: The Mason Family and Architecture in Travis County, Texas”

Bryan Norwood – University of Texas at Austin – “A Public for Architects: The Culture of Popular Lectures in the US, 1839-1860”

Judith Hull – True North Tours New Hampshire – “Designing Clergymen”

Windy Zhao – Louisiana Tech University – “Seattle’s Single-Room-Occupancy Residential Hotels and their Chinese Roots”

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