VAF Committees, 2023-2024

* Board member


Elaine Jackson-Retondo, President*

Phil Gruen, 1st VP*

Heather Barrett, 2nd VP*

Paula Mohr, Secretary*

Claudia Brown, Treasurer*

Michelle Jones, Web administrator and conference coordinator

Laura Driemeyer, Archivist

Travis Olson, Bibliographer

Communications Committee

Amanda C. Roth Clark

Susan Garfinkel

Michelle Jones (VAN/Conference)

Melanie Millman

Paula Mohr*

Margaret Grubiak*

Conferences Committee

Heather Barrett, 2nd VP*

Catherine Lavoie

Michelle Jones, conference coordinator

Claudia Brown*

Sarah Scarlett, Keweenaw MI 2024

Conference Papers Committee 

Willa Granger*

Alec Stewart*

Wei (Windy) Zhao*

William Moore

Conference Fellowships Committee (Simpson, Ambassadors, and Access)

Sam Palfreyman*

Bobby Cervantes*

Daniel De Sousa

Education Committee

Alec Stewart, Chair*

Jose Valesquez*

PJ Carlino

Fieldwork Committee: Ridout Fellowship, Field Schools 

Beth King, chair*

Nick Vann*

Danielle Willkens

Finance Committee

Jim Buckley, chair

Caroline Spurry*

Jeff Klee

Claudia Brown*

Ben Peterson, Ascensus LLC

PJ Carlino

Future Vision Committee

Anna Andrzejewski

Elaine Jackson-Retondo*

Nicholas Vann*, co-chair

Jake Torkelson, co-chair

Jose Vazquez*

Brannon Smithwick

Susan Garfinkel

Governance Committee

Claire Dempsey, Chair

Carl Lounsbury

Abbey Van Slyke

Jim Buckley

Elaine Jackson-Retondo*

Claudia Brown*

Paula Mohr*

Membership Committee

Vyta Pivo, Chair

Beth King*

Nominating Committee

Phil Gruen, Chair and 1st VP*

Tara Dudley*

Wei (Windy) Zhao*


Editors Buildings & Landscapes: Michael J. Chiarappa and Margaret M. Grubiak*

Review Editor: Amanda C. Roth Clark

Illustration Editor: Laura Kilcer VanHuss

VAN editor, vacant

Special Series Editor, vacant

Website Editor, vacant

Advocacy Award Committee

Catherine Morrissey chair*

Sam Palfreyman*

Bobby Cervantes*

Buchanan Award Committee

Caroline Spurry, chair*

Nick Vann*

Valentina Davila

Bishir Prize Committee

Marvin Brown

Tara Dudley*

Marta Gutman

Cummings Award Committee

Sally McMurray, chair

Tom Hubka

Brian Goldstein*

Mellon Field School Advisory Committee

James Buckley / Louis Nelson, chairs

Niya Bates

Claire Dempsey

Kwesi Daniels

Kim Hoagland

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